Stand Up Paddle Board: Flatwater Course

Sunday, July 30th 2023

(1 day course) 9am till 4pm.





The course will begin at 9:00am running until around 4:00pm at Cedar Lake Rec Site near Golden. If you are not familiar with this lake/site, please let me know and I can send directions.

You can review the course content for basic and advanced flatwater skills here:

Before the course starts: you must complete a waiver form which will be provided on the day of the course.


– At least 19 years of age.

– Confident swimmer.

– Ability to have fun.

This course will be held outside and will be subject to a variety of weather conditions. Please dress according to the weather. If you are unsure how to dress please contact me. You will have to enter/exit/spend time in water so make sure you are comfortable and choose your immersion gear appropriately. It is recommended to wear wetsuits or drysuits unless it turns out to be super warm. In the past students have rented wetsuits from Glacier Rafting and been glad that they did 🙂

Evacuation Policy:

Occasionally, we need to evacuate a participant from the program due to health or other concerns; in this event, you are responsible for all costs associated with the evacuation. Depending on the urgency of the situation, we will either arrange for transportation through local resources or through the emergency medical service.

Equipment List

Please bring the following items (of good quality, in good repair and meeting Transport Canada regulations as appropriate) to the on-water sessions:

– Stand Up Paddleboard – whatever design you are comfortable on

– Paddle

– PFD (Life Jacket)

– Change of clothing, in waterproof container or in vehicle

– Immersion Wear (normally a wetsuit, gloves, etc.) Check the weather forecast.

– Appropriate layers and headwear

– Protective footwear appropriate for immersion (normally neoprene booties)

– Sunglasses with strap

– Sun-lotion/Bug-Spray

– Lunch/water/snacks as needed

– A towel and extra dry clothes (for after we finish)

– Sense of humor!!! ( we have extra if anyone comes without one)





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